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Thank You for Your Interest in Coming to Sravasti Abbey


"We are happy to welcome you into our community and we look forward to sharing the Dharma with you"

  The Abbey Community

Thank You for Your Interest in Coming to Sravasti Abbey

A short application form (Word format) is required for short stays and weekend retreats (click here to download it).

A longer application form (Word format) is necessary for stays of five days or longer (click here to download it). To schedule your visit, email our office or call (509) 447-5549

An Economy of Generosity

A unique feature of Sravasti Abbey is that we operate solely on the principle of dana, a Sanskrit and Pali term meaning "generosity" or "giving".

In accordance with the monastic life style set out by the Buddha, Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron and the residents at Sravasti Abbey live solely by donations. Unlike a retreat center, we do not charge for teachings or facilities. However, we have the same expenses for maintenance, travel, facilities, food, and so forth that retreat centers have.

You are able to attend this retreat because previous retreatants gave generously so that the Abbey would continue. Similarly, your generous giving – dana – will enable the Abbey to exist and other people to come to the Abbey and benefit from the Dharma just as you will. To hear Venerable Chodron's talk on the Economy of Generosity, click here.

Dana has three parts:

  1. Dana for Sustaining the Abbey: This offering enables the Abbey to continue to exist and to be able to  provide not only a home for the monastic community but also retreats, courses, and other events for you and many others to attend in the future. The Abbey exists solely due to your and others' kind donations. Making this donation signifies your commitment to attend the event. Please include this dana when you send your registration form. The suggested minimum is $100 for 2-3 day events. Longer events have other suggested minimum amounts. If making this offering is an obstacle to your attending, please call our office to discuss. No dana is expected for monastics.
  2. Food Dana: As monastics, we do not buy food. Everything we eat and share with our guests is offered by the lay community. The food offerings you make as a group will provide the meals for the course. We will send out a list of current needs prior to the retreat. If you have any questions about this, please contact us
  3. Dana for the Teachings: At the end of the retreat, you will have the opportunity to make an offering to the teacher and translator (if there is one) in appreciation for receiving teachings on the precious Dharma.

Just as monastics in the Buddha's time were sustained by the offerings of their benefactors, Sravasti Abbey residents live solely in dependence on the kindness of others. When you make a contribution to the monastic community, you nurture your own virtuous aspiration