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Retreat from Afar

"Winter has become my favorite time of year, and it's because of Retreat from Afar. My practice is most stable during those three months. I tangibly feel the support of everyone doing the retreat at the Abbey and around the world. "

  Susan Mitchell
  Cataldo, Idaho

Retreat from Afar (en Español)

Every winter the residents of Sravasti Abbey do three months of retreat. While a few guests can join us in person, hundreds can join by doing the Retreat from Afar, participating along with the meditators at the Abbey.

Shakyamuni Buddha Meditation with
optional Refuge Visualization
Lamrim Meditation from “The Easy Path to Travel to Omniscience”

One-month option:
January 15-February 12

10-week option:
January 15-March 31

By doing a daily practice during the same dates as the retreat, you develop your Dharma practice while feeling the support of the Abbey residents who are doing the same.

You also give your support to those of us doing the retreat at the Abbey, encouraging our practice.

The Abbey has offered the Retreat from Afar for several years, and people love doing it. It supports "distance meditators" to maintain a regular daily practice, deepen their understanding of the Dharma, and gain many insights into their lives.

Sign up by sending an email to our coordinator, and read the preparation material below.

Retreat Preparation and Study Materials

You can participate in one of three ways:

To prepare:

To join in, please email our coordinator. Send a photo of yourself and we will place it in the Meditation Hall at the Abbey during the retreat, symbolizing your participation.

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