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Live Teachings By Venerable Thubten Chödron

Live Teachings by Venerable Thubten Chodron

You can’t contemplate or meditate on the Dharma without first hearing teachings, but if you live in a remote area or far from your teacher, what can you do?

Live Teachings on Precious Garland of Advice by Nagarjuna

Every Thursday Evening at 6 pm Pacific Time

Live Teaching: Gomchen Lamrim

Every Friday Evening at 6:15 pm Pacific Time

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Streaming Live Video

Use the above links to access live internet broadcast using LiveStream. Ask questions in real time using the chat box! No registration necessary.

How to Sign Up for telephone access

No special equipment is required-just use your telephone. You can dial in alone or set up your speakerphone and invite Dharma friends to join you for teachings and post-teaching discussion after you get off the phone (Long distance charges apply).

The free conference call site reserves a set number of lines for us and if not used they may not let us use their service in the future. So please only register for the Thursdays you can for sure make the call!

To register, please send an email to the Abbey office. Once registered, we'll send you the call in number, access code, and instructions for how to participate.

Did You Miss Some Broadcasts?

Click here to hear audio or read transcripts of past teachings or the present series, Aryadeva's 400 Stanzas on the Middle Way, and the series, Precious Garland.

We look forward to sharing these “tele-Dharma” teachings with all of you!

Click here to register or ask for more information.

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