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Sravasti Abbey: The Movie Monastic Training 10 Years in Retrospect

Sravasti Abbey is among the first of its kind: a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the U.S. where monks, nuns, and lay students can train to practice the Buddha's pure Dharma. Sravasti Abbey's mission is to nurture a flourishing monastic community where learning and practicing Buddha's teachings cultivates peace in the hearts of the residents, visitors and in the world.

May this website nourish compassion and wisdom in all who click on it. May it become a gateway into the Dharma treasury. By virtue of this content, may the precious Dharma especially flourish in the West. May Sravasti Abbey be a beacon of Dharma for generations to come, helping to create lasting peace in our chaotic world.

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"... I am heartened to learn of the establishment of Sravasti Abbey in the USA."

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